Monday, July 5, 2010

Police Reforms

I chaired a Government of India Committee on Police Reforms in year 2000. I am going to address about 150 very senior police officers at the National
Police Academy during this month on this topic.In the last 4years or so there has been some progress on implementing some of the reforms suggested by a large number of committees/commissions, though I cant call it adequate.The reforms essentially can be divided into 4 groups.(a).Changes in attitude & behaviour (b).Improving professionalism which is essentially a matter of internal management, mostly within the competence of the Police Leadership (c).measures to make police accountable and (d) measures to create operational autonomy for the police.While in the last two areas some new structures have just been created, there is a lot to be achieved on the first two areas.
I would welcome any comments.


  1. Sir, You perhaps may not recall my late father K. R. Moorthy from Kolhapur. He was chief engineer at Kolhapur Sugar Mills and both of you used to play badminton at the Residency Club when you were posted there in the 1960s. My father passed away in 1982 but I still recollect him often referring to you as an outstanding IAS officer, a potential which you fully realised during your years in service. All the best. Regards, Deepak Moorthy

  2. Sir please write an autobiography which will guide civil servants and aspirants.

  3. Dear sir please write autobiography so that we all can learn from you

  4. Sir, today I came to know about you. Yes. as the other comments requested, let me also say, please write a book or please publish a video book/ interviews.


  5. Dear Sir,
    Happy Birthday to you.....You can share your experiences for the benefit of all....